P(ee) C(c) gRAMmy!rr eRRor?iS’ts

inn inDia

oVvar bLow!n fActs/ f(Ł)asSk

“K” theory in “souPurr”sT.itious filmy sirCull’s_inn sAiM count?ry

✌️😺 sLy_er!s in👈✔️🍎❗️👁buy(?) pré/T.eNse


wHO?ot sT(i)Tches__S yOur bALL saCKs_t.oD’ay?e

– unD’her wHeir✌️💡😺✔️


bi G⛩G rr sOX

iS rAiL👈💡🌈☝️✌️😺✔️m(i o)w

tHAY👈💡👇😀fEin!D pLay’si.S_t.ew hYdé



tHOU w.irKS?

dAO wONt’s_payME!Nt

da oW!e is A wo!MAN

– LA X mi ✌️💡meATs gOdd’es_S of Hell’tHee yoGu(r)ts.

_ wHO yÜ wORs’hip sPee!kS wall’youM!s


roll o(ver)’DesSk


mO,no! bANAnas

s_Port’s__TAR canDi☝️😺❗️

aye☝️💀👈✔️ adORÉ y’eR✌️🌍 pHat.

sin.tHEtick hOARd!uh__s 🍒 s.i!LŁy cOW?N booB.S.

✌️eye’LL say sHE un-fab!Rick👈☝️👽won tu tWoo verDé__s

– gerMA’n__d.AW!gmeAT


nUN  nON  wRit/urn  vAL’v_A🤣😺👈🌍‼️

boo!b t.ube(r) 👍😺🤚cH.ip(s)

f…if’ty  tHRif’ty

🌈b.ALL tosS ✌️🌍✔️pR.ost(ate) canSiR tEN yEar__s/m🍭

inn DiA  Lacks  reAL meN.

lit/teŁ cell boiS wi(d)th toiS.

pEars 🍌 pork

f.ARMvil(é) 👈☝️👽iz🤟😀🅱️rE: aL ho(m)e-Wer!k fAux laySee sHeap’Lé

☝️☕️Lé.t___HE!m co/ok.

☝️✌️🌍✔️ cHef_s/AW’n sTrike.


– yOR love hANDelse hOur cALLing ⛩ goo!D_eu.

tHee o(the)r__s dOW!n’t s__C’air(!!)

☝️✌️🌍👈✔️hEre yEW(?!)

tHee daLye LAma is a moNey tOut unDuh tHee guy!s of pRea’chinG fOR buDDha👈☝️😀🍎wHO mEvv!A rote(?) a boo!K_ inn hiz Lie!F

free ban!D ☝️👽👈✔️hao mANY kill’oWe jEW(el)s of hEating energy

doeS tHee vat(ic)AN lieBRAri have?

🅱️urn tHiS fur(k)neeTure fir?St.


wASS a re:LigioUS rAW’k _an rOlé_R.

tHee tiBE(T’an)s

hAve mAiD hymn innTwoo a book ma(i)n

– s(A)d👈👈sAuL(v)e’man!d_éPResSieve.

s_watt💡 iz a misS/nowMyrr

L’urn tu tie (kNot dye/die) yOR LaySiS.

bRayk ✌️😺👈yEr oWn ban!C

– b(L)an!K

_ inn K-aySe of pH’igher, bRayK yErr oWn eGo furSt. tHEN ✌️🌍😂🤟😀A.D.m’ire tHee oTHEr pArt’ea(se!)

di.sScount yOur tR(ash) bi.FFore💡✔️bee.FFore  

“it iz gene.Rated”👈👈👈✌️🌍👍bi yEW.

👽⛩‼️✔️ dOW?nt count on yOur chi(c.k)ense ☝️🌍👈 tHey st.ill👈💡😺🤚f.LAY eg ⛩gs!

wit.ch mOther’Li_eARTh ✌️👽tHAY conNeck’t yEU wi(d)th?

if   mewZeums   disSigh!d’id😺🤚💡‼️

tWoo ban “all” tRash fRom tHeir hALLz

✌️🌍 most   (h)Eart!werk✔️👽😂😂😂

woo’D havta gO(we.)

– hao 👍🍌tOXic 🍎 t’alk/sic ☝️⛩ tAlc 

s_Watt doe?S  💡i weigh way💡✔️ doo wi(d)th cERAmic peeNutt😡(?!) aft’err  tHat “old fag sHag” cAlled tHee lawnDone mo’MA iz dONE di.sSplaying🌍👈🤚⛩g…iT.

e-Will aye 🥂👇😺 eWiŁ/Ł ein

mi.sSt.er san’d mi.sSiS

🅱️reign kNot 🅱️rot

🌈dumB.F.ound’it!t🍭?! 👈☝️✌️💡😺zWei?!💀🙏🏻😀


s_Lo’ckin(g🍒f)Aux tHumB.S.

si.T/TeaseZEN proTEst

ba!!bush.KA b➰dAuL s_LApped

👇👁✔️ sHe(a)d anOther Lay!er

✌️😺🙏🏻subTle’ty sLut’eŁ.ty✔️inn eXcess

🙏🏻😂🙏🏻 butt Let tHEM preTEN’d jEW hOur tAst’effull👌

– tHee🤟😂👽🍎 meDiA dAiryLick’ed

ec(H)o 🥃ee!k’eau

tErr’or(W)rists  🎃😼👍 (W)rap’pisSt?s

nAyture worSiS nurTure☝️😺👽 🅱️Laim(?) tHee 🅱️rit’chesS wHo L(et) tHEM sLye’dé

t.iLL too__L’aight fAux an.otHer

– ✌️🌍👈moSst. abUSED bitCH on Lock.

b(linKiNg) 🍭 s(linKiNg)

hEar s.Lugg(uaGé) 💀👈gEars 👁👁hEar p.Lugg(uaGé)

lucite 🙏🏻 loos’ight

g(R)ay matt!er

caw!K’roe?tch ☝️🌍👽 eX eauSkell’yTon


tEMtack’ewLar teAse beŁ(ŁA) ☝️⛩sAyv cHEEse


scandinAVIAN hEAR’th

on tH’isS ova cRow!d.id pLan’et

soME_woMEN! 👈💡😺🤚‼️

mayK rayZin?g tHeir cHill(!)dr.eN

tHeir 👈🌍✔️ Lye!fs  wErrK_s wor!th.

✌️😺✔️ hao yoUnique moNique!

fARMvile👈🍎🤚gON 3D yET? or on tHeir wat!ch

s_EED ban.ks 🍻 dAy’ta sCent’errSe 🥃 innWE(?)at’roe  furtive  LieSation

– H.ought’ty tAught’ea

f.Aux t.Reat tu wON✌️🌍✌️👽

4 3 2 ✔️❗️1

freeDum!b : citiZENship rites hOur anyMauL conTroll👈☝️👽🍭mASScueRay’d.ink

– ✌️🌈😺😻m.aayah

_ sT.aRs’hip eNter✔️pRize🍐🥄

sTrip’e!!S 🥂 zeB(ra) kRosSingh

pLaid🥛🥤 pLa(y)d

kNead LesS hAye!z t.ack 🍺 mayK 🅱️reigns vile rAin(?)s_ chwein

🅱️rushlim🅱️aug’s n X ed!

🅱️our🅱️on tur🅱️on!


innDÉpen’den!t sWin!gs

unDuHst.anding tHey✌️☝️👽🤟😀 b(W)ring👇❗️

wHEN psyCHi’atrySt.S

hOur upPoint’ed dipLo’Matts(!)

– pie?ce proCESS 🌍✔️poo!L

_ s_hun!t’in.G ⛩ J’aw?b.s.✌️🌍🍌🍒🍎🍐 bA.WdytYPs

🚬 tHee kup (sigh!s) tHat cHears.

baCH f.Low(?!) 🍎 fAux’R wORd vie!B

hao mEin’D 🖖🅱️L(ow)ing

woo!d sArassWatt’i💡❗️

✌️🅱️ tu a comMON!or🤟🍭👈💡

pArt’y😈? wi(d)th com.pan!y

les.wordpress.com/2017/11/img_22511.png” height=”640″ class=”wp-image-34278″ width=”1136″> K -nEin! si R’eeL