eSt.ab!L(i’S)H wON eCHonom’y


each memBurr nAy’Shun bRings a pH.Un fACT

tWoo d.a. tAble

✌️🌍😺✔️ eg⛩g:👈☝️❗️🙏🏻😺

wHEN did “wee” re:Ally ✌️🅱️Land on tHE mo!oN

pee Ass : innDiA h’isSt not amemB(er)!ion

kNow fAux! giveNess✌️😺💡🍎👇🍭at f(ache) gAtes!

kNot innCloo’did(i?) inn👈✌️🌍😺✔️d.a. fun(?!)


gODD    h🥑sS    li.Mitt’ed   sPay’ce✌️🌍👈hEar

@ tirupa’ti_t(ache) off your leather articles beFore😂😂😂 jEWs eNter👈🌍🤚💡✌️😺😺gOD’s-house

poké(r 💀🥄) bow!L fAce

a🙏🏻gAtha ch(r)isT.i

sEar!gEnt haySt.ings

sPinn’_ng pLay’t💤

sNay!ks dOW’nt wAre Leo(tar)Ds 🌀🖌Leo(pol)Ds 📍💤

ova RE:act’ion tWoo “pH.icks quaLitty of yOR tea”👈💡⛩🙏🏻😀😺

tir(u)patti🤟⛩ b(him)a!!

“T”👈🅱️ t.u fAll?ow

mayK (L) Pre:pA?rationS



dOW.n’t ☝️⏰ mull.t’pLye

sApply👈✌️⏰😻🤣✋😺💡🅱️eats  dé’d

T(ake)  T(ache)  T(ay.k)

goo.JA’Ratty👈✌️👽🤚hOu.R’ent  pLane  janeS

chek out watt yOur “R(ee)L” value iZ in a bEau’tiFFool marriage mARK’itt👈🌍🤚✔️moo?v  in🍷g   up   eVolu(ed)dHun   Lad/duh

de. Feind yErr upCycler👈✔️

bi👈buy  reFreshMENts