main(jer)k✌️⛩proToe’type quaLitty


sT.AM!illy ☕️🥕sT.ree!t

tWoo doo lisSt: fAux pH.un t’iM_eS

🤟🈲✍️bi✔️comPANease and tanCdem


tHose st.ownS__Ly’e__in cOarSiS.

fall’ow tHE vain🈲 doll chi dé_L’etchy

tHeir gODD(?!?) sCent dem bach.

L(aw)j’erK maJick

dev will c’ŁAir

jEWs_inn el lay🌍👈✔️mayK moo!wee___zy

tHere wayK__up ☕️ kau(R)__LL

tHo(ugh)’Se__jEWs  dOW’Nt wON?t yER paw.Ght

onLee👈☝️⛩😂⚠️s__Krew(ë)Sing’h wRites tWoo tHeir anNa!Ls👈✔️✌️👁‍🗨♥️ban(D.W)it…..h

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