pieCE innDu’S(t)ree__t

eMMyRRat!Ease kNow (sT.)oiL

eye denT.itty cRyeSiS👇😺⛩👽🍒🌍menTel📞l payChenCe wOKing kin..G.PubLick

de epEN…neD👈💡🖖☕️s..Watt? 

eMpt.ea bellese.

doeS.nt pH.eeD tHe sON👈📞😺🌍r..eeL pH.ood of the innSpi.ration sHee sT.r.i.pS

C🌍W:it👈😺✔️👈g(i?t) weR(e?!)ks

bully M.i.A.

hER hAus👈✔️ri:B(an’D)S…………sHee bAnt(er)kNewSe



W(i)ll…iam’s__Not A pygg⛩🖖🍒☝️👽😻 “i” ams👈💡😻🤚K.AT pH(oo?)!d

pH.ee!D hEar adDick.shun👈✔️⛩🌍🤚ri:Sounds bach bLew tWoo

pR.inCe william👈☝️🌍😹doeSin?t fuCK..isS mO!Me d’irEctly☝️✔️🌍b

Vie “A”h  cHa?R(R/L)es..iS gRand!otter

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