bin’d ☘️ b(Ein)d ☘️ b(ro’leR co:ast’ER)

well?tH 🌍 Prob!Lay’ms

conMA?!N sCense doeS_not menTerr somE G’aims.

tHey sT.ill fEind hAppyNess inn cRowDing tHiS pLayCe

man?y men hOur married tWoo out day’tEd modelse lieK_AT.

weMEN call tHEM farThers.

pewBeSScent🌍👈?! gAit’oWR:aiders

💡🌍😀😹d(own)t sHeir bReigns

innWhite deM inntWoo "yOur?!" bach ya!RD

innDienne momS love wHy'te babies.

ri:B(ear)th 📞🌍hell..p

wHEM weMEN "fi"X ✔️🌍🐽 gODDesS reichts

mOthers👈📞😀t(ache) A baCK sEAT

hON?est ri:lait'ed and ow!ghtD'eightEd

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