he?ARTi’S(t)iC verSys aUti(stic)K

w(H)ee!suaL leegAL payPurrS


inn mAid🌍✔️up(?!) AD(or:A)tion due yÜ rEach fAux f(rue)t☝️🍒👇😺🤚tHat doSe? kNot tAre?

gOdd hAss a ying/yAng pArtNurse☝️📞🌍mEarL’y tWoo sPeek wi(D)th due.


hanD_over tHE_RainS t.o?W_hoM!e

r.ASTa 💡dil’l(o’Rent)is👈☝️🤚😹😺🌍monSANt’o kNeeds A b(el)low jAwb🤙😻

monsanto head✔️😻👉🎧off🍦iCe?s

vin📞🎧👉😀🐽yER dAre?y neckSt.

huMA.N ruBBle comPOst.S?

☝️🌍👈😺bi.Tch keyPs pLay kit maTeri’ALs fAug⛩gUest. styM reX(t☕️?)

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