w?!hEir’eck( ?) cLo(w)Se

📞🌍? ri:Lait?ED☝️🌽😺⏰?


hao mA?!NY cHill’dren☝️🌍✔️☘️tWoo hOld yER

sHi?t/ gReeD/ wAn!tin_g

of “wH🌍Le” wo!MA’Nhoo!d


– g(L)ee g(H)ee

_ milch cOW 🥂 (n)ice•cReam cO:W c(on)WiNNsin_gH cRAP isS☘️🐽s(oW)har!d wer(e)k…….!?


d’auL(!)cH__eir🌽di_LecH?eir pH.aRR?!myrr fAR’m_Ac!y

sAi!M t’roubleS_eŁ(owQuintall)y p✔️ut_inn pLa’y!Ce


dao’M.enKnose 👈☝️🌍🌽😺sH’air w(R)ight(H)ing

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