D(immi’NANce)y pRé:sScent

pré s(inC)K_t ✌️😂☘️pRé sy!nCt yOu!R_m:esS


w:ON of’t_HE?E 🌍💡😂 B(lie)nD

🖕✍️tAste ☝️tOSS.t 🖖sT.eeR’ow!n

eveRi:B…oddEase jEnny’tErr 🤙💍inn bRe(A)D

wAi’t_off’t_HE eAr’tH

inn.DippEnDANCE fROM tAXmoney📞☘️🤚tHay gET..tWoo bURN it.

fLawn.TiN…g isT f(R)ee😂👌

p(L)ay’Do.ugh Fie!L


H..appy tu BE a mOTHer ann!D💡kNot loo!K lie’K_wON.

epi:Tomb of ☝️🌍✔️bLew.M’Ann.itty


W:onDé? M:onDé_y

innTelly📞⏰Gen!Ce VinS_an arrg!Ume’Nt🍳😂☘️🤚


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