sH’aim sH!ayM


☝️🌍👈eye fee?L AB(used) bi – Wi’men of all hueMA?N genDuHS.

fAuX A tall.ent of nurtu(W)ring lieF.

tHeir his:teRR?ecKt✔️🌍2 me.

sTill di(

banDWidt?H 🌽☘️🌍gAngWitH

jEW_ce sP(r)ey(?!!) innSec’t(ea)Si’ghED


jessiCA allBA didnt mayK hAWnest cottON unduHwheir?👍👠🤣🤣🌍☝️😺☘️hAWn’est S..of(t so?)ap

wiCKtoria see?KCreSt👈📞🌍mORE mORe mO!re

b(LAY?)err yOR_k'(iD)s

hao bRaw?D_isS yOur unD(er?)Wheir?👈✌️⛩con X sepT of (pH:am’illy) pLA(nn)ing? ma(oo!n)T✌️🌍😂🐸😺 wHay sue We?e__uSS

pAst yEWr bLA…nd🌈S🍭pAst(eur)iS:ed miL(ch)

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