s💡table ten(n)iS

b(ugg)y 👋🍒fOR’miu__LA

B💡L’onde un(Dë:R)co’wer(é)

nari( ta__aiR! )poUr’t

B💡eAD ache

G💡eŁ?f__i’May’Gé🥡🍷🗝 p(Ł)oo!M_age🎩


s💡VEN jEW dOWN?nt kNow hAO ✌️🌍💡👈tWoo W’OK(e?!)

sHeaple wHO(?ot) pH:ee!D yEW fAugg money👈✌️🖖😎hOur pAy!d


fOR yER gRandM(other)s jEW dOW!nt sCare.Less

kNo?Won wON!ts T.ew feed sOme sHeaple eXc’ept fAuX money.

di.sSplay mOre’nesS
st.Ore tHAN yEW👈✔️

s💡W(at)t a wONd’er fooL dA-Ze

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