m(Others) on sT,ring 💍 cH:EE!se

S💡t:rip’plé aRReign_gé

G☘️it’tin_G aWay wiDth w☘️att tHay doo mEERLy bi(cK)oz ✌️😂😺day hOur w?OME’N

AD☝️D dull?ts 😂🥂😺 AD👇dull’t:ri

som✔️E habbitS🍳t:iLL deADth doo yu (A?!)💡☝️paR!tyoUTea’sE_ye



gooGal mayKs_arC💡📞🌍wiDth’eir day!TA

G💡utt’er__AL innSt.inCkt


Bi(G⛩G)ur___L pH:ill’yt(H-ieR) cHeir

W💡AD(D)nesS 😺👈💰💸💵💎 W☘️AT(T)nesS

A💡mama is a sTy…Lé sLutt. B💡aw!Nd 🍗007 P🍳onD

A💡CT…ive wHeir

pH:ace pAn?ETing 🥂 de(ck)Or’eight bO:dies

sTy_fill mAre’ase

wiDth somE M’otherse☝️🌍 die:t

disSieves eXtra att(en)tion wHEN si(ck)ness tHRives.

puSH tHAT👈🗝😺🍳on S💡wit?ch kRaft

📞🌍😂cHarr’itty fee!Ds earTHwer?Ms wit!H disS’poSayBull pH:oodS

sLy__ced cHEE!se

Ayp Ape👈✔️☝️😂wiDthout si(ck)ness. sHE raises☝️☘️🌍🤚oddS..on kNoW✔️ON.

eveRyWON pan🍳Duhs😀😀😀kNow’on pHeeds tHeir sLutt.

babyNess fLashes unD.ease

pee!Pull’ness 👋👋😂🍳p:EEP’al_ness

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