🖖✍️tu (att)Ł’e!Ast 🥄pH:eeDing yERRsell.F🌍Bi B!rue

w🌍N teaS(e)p’oon “C-men”

sP.eeR(it)S t.Hat oCCue’p!y hU?eMAN bOddEase LeeAve mOSt tRash🌍👈✔️”B-hEiNd”

St.reicht kitt mUST.ar?ds📞🌍☘️💰🤚r….eeL📸pH.oud

C💡H(at)t_urgy wi(D)tH💡W_ho?M

S☘️ac’t:ri(Ft)i_Ce 🍌🍒🍎ni(H)on

tHin(C) lie’K yEU ✌️🌍(H)one !it👈✔️

Ri.p(p)eAT is a but(TON)😺👽sNeu!se is So(w)🌍💡☘️(r)O’ver dÉ__N.

K(n)ee’r_WA!Nna he(A)ded yERR😂☘️?! w(H)ay😻😺☘️?😂🍌🗝


B💡ou’R!b_ed w(H)ire

S💡aw!Se_a sEE!n_esS



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