SO💡G’ough?t_yu m!Ot:Her



war_i’S( AN)💡eXpenS(hiV) eFFur..t

P?ea👈📞👽mAle bReignS ch!uCK ☕️🍷🥄s(W)iLL’tH.

w(H)ine USed tWoo “B” medici(né)

K💡neW t?oy ✌️☝️🌍✔️😂tu p!Lay wiDth

B💡Lé🗝at👈✔️✌️😂😺nesS hAss kNoW ✌️v(iCe)🍳

B💡iTCH b💡eggS/F…augg F(or?)Kg.iveNesS….inn STY.Łe

P(:ea)C……hBucklé🍸👂b(A/tt)en✔️👂☝️🤚☘️✍️😌👋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋b(Er)g⛩g k(acHe!S)

T.art(ON) sP.AR(t?on)🖖😌📸😀 eat.er…r

DOscent fee??Di…anaS bayB!ease

cop(E)ase cLot!he…S

t📞?Hee go(u)ds

MA💡y✔️S.on is a can?!Ning jA!!r

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