K💡Lea:ning mAt(e)tR(i:CK)S

ma(H)Size dR.inC K(ow)S B’Łudd

di.sSi’ghED hER🌍👈📞🍳tRay’je(r)CK tRee

tRay(e)ject’ReeSe🍭wAtt pUrr!se_N?ull☘️☘️w💡He?n_D(eb!t)✌️🍳A!h

hERR b(odd)y eNjinn W💡run?g__on!gg cAll’ow(_g)Reese

W💡ok’in_g ✌️🌍👈A✔️R?ounD_aw!N tHisS g(Lo)bé pRé(ten)Dinn_G yO(u.)R kNow’S i(S_in)t💡My’nÉ

fL:ea!se on sAy!M🐸🗝dO(n)gg

R🌍cK_an R’owŁ_erS☹️did!_nt cHer “GF”: gURŁ fRen’ch.🍟🍅ed wEd(ge)e!StayBull_s.

RA💡nnCH 🐽😺🐸 dResSin(G)h


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