fiŁŁ(h)y cAS(H)u’AL

kNot A’M(un)G__u?sT.👈👈👈🍎sP.route!S /meŁ’tippLé sSheads!

middleDOM (on earTh) gooD fAux hao mAny (un)DresS’iS?

✌️👽😺✔️hig(HP)ourThetiC.ali di.sScusSin’gh div/or?se✌️🅱️ach(e)on!

_heir j’ol’___k.

pRey..dicT!ab’ull sP.oke!s

seeWi(ck) sC.enter 🥃⛩🥃 A’nu?LL gŁands


knot dumB pLea!se

soME👈👽LessBi?anS dOW!nt yoUse dill’do?ze__n

tHeir me!N fucks tHEM pASSieve aG⛩GresSieve’Lee

✌️🌍👈💡pLent’ea tu didYou!se st.iŁŁ

give “tHEM” yOur voiCE👈😺💡tu be hEr!D

L(urn) tWoo kaT’CH O/ur  bAŁŁz👈👈💡🤚pH.a pH.A b(Air)s__ay!b(ull)  cOat.


215👈🌍✔️pH.Ö wOn(ce)👈✌️😺✔️👈💡☝️👇🍭🤚👍🍺🎼🎼🎼🎼

🌈inn : déScent cusSt.a(rd) s__Creams🍭

☝️💡😺🅱️✔️marr!Age sHood’ve beAN bAnne’d.

bAy’B.ease👈✌️😺🌍might fAux sum beCOme LesS_of a “w”HoreMo?nAL isShe’u.


sT.ringin?J👈👈✌️‼️🎧jEW a’!g ⛩g.eory- jEwry


wHO nAim’ED jEase,us

ya wHay

✌️iZ”nesS hisS a Di.sSieze

kong?resS☝️🌍💡😺🤚Lye’BraHRi off 

mAi fAv(ouR’it)e kEind✌️👈🌍aw!F Chick.en

tu (H)eat   or   tu may?K

eye dOW.Nt act   meATs   actShun👈👈👈t.R.i.P.p(is?)t   monKS

t💡wERk’inG ⛩ G is’t💡🅱️‼️

fee..t👈🌍🌞👍🎤😺nay’Ld wOneS


cease/ si.eze/ s(L)ease👈☝️😺💡🌍 hER cha wEigh!s👈👈👈👈🅱️😺🤚hOur mi s(T.reat)

pR.inn.Cess poo!H💡Lay’A

tHay 📞cAll’ekt poo.  tRay?d inn P(e)A.  👈 jEW hisS tHeir sHoo’Gr d(add)y👈👈genErr’ous wi(d)th pubLick fun!Ds

di.sS☝️CO💡👈😺🤚 🅱️Lan.D

👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇bangLA’d.esh  is dr.owning inn hER immitation jEW’llery revVellry👈💡bRawDly sPeeking future tRends inn deZeiner inC.

☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👋👋👋☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️tHAT  sWARE!s on a hi’j🅰️🅱️ hAW!nest’Li

doe?S…nt   ‘iT’?

give hERR yErr oWn (bi-b)ull necKSt.

fRay’M hErr fAce. notÉ hER/Raw’y all ( fAu X r’eaL) hausBAN’d.

san.D?ullse 🎧  HE…aLs

dog poop cannot be mAid inn da yoU.asS?

pLassT.i’ck bRay!Ks✌️😺🤚⛩‼️dao’n eau(?!) k’ay…T


up tHee 🅱️Lite ✌️🍺😺👍‼️N’d.

u(k)Nee’Corns🍭👽 e X me’N


wHo(o?t) sCent tHee jUice bach tWoo iZr.aiL?!👈✌️✔️⛩tHAT gOdd🍭💡😺✔️s_Can!n sAuL’ve sOw ma’ch.

hisSt.réEau kNi’ckS

innER mAight’riX

inn 🅰️ mayt’riCKs

K(rutt)c/hesS ♨️ kWeans

amSt.i(rD)AM ⛩🍭 pAught and pR?ue’blé


wHEN hOur “re:AL” re:psyc?Ling👈☝️🅱️🌍‼️


dickTat’e hOur oWn manUfact’uring

☝️👽😀yU may CLame tu 🅱️ maudUrn.

pep/pUR!R min’t kanDi👈☝️🌍💡❗️

tAst’es lie?K tRoot’HpaySt.


a-z👈👈eauWah! cRow’din!g

hi!sS ☝️🅱️🌍⏰🤟⛩🦄

tHee may?N (t?)Reason

of (oi’L?) R pRaw’b(L’aim)s


(hyDé_Roe pawKnicks?!)

– tHee☝️👽🍭anneMullkin’G&Dum..b